Jun 16, 2007


Coffee is so tasty.

I woke up very early this morning, despite tossing and turning most of the night. so, I'm riding high on a coffee and three-hours-of-sleep buzz this morning. Check back with me around 4 in the afternoon. I'll tie my shoes to the ceiling fan and stare at then for hours, I'm sure. Oh wait, I don't have a ceiling fan. Nevermind. See? It begins. Bleh.

I get a lot accomplished in the morning, though, and that I like a lot. Especially with coffee, and that was my original thought. But, i have to get there in a round-about way.

I admire the make-things-last spirit of the Great Depression generation. I love the idea of having good shoes repaired rather than tossing out crap shoes and getting more crap shoes. I love the idea of taking an appliance apart and fixing it rather than getting another. I love the concept of buying a great set of curtains and taking care of them and keeping them for years. My grandparents are champions of this, being of that era. They just months ago bought a new toaster, and they bought the one they deemed of best quality, and it replaced the toaster that sat there in their kitchen for, mm, I dunno, easily twenty five years. Easily.

Granted, there is a difference between living with quality items and caring for them and living in a state of deprivation and implied undeservedness. And that's key, I think. There's no sense in holding your fucking life together with duct tape and patched tires forever because you probably won't feel terribly confident about any of it and probably won't seem terribly prosperous in the greater scheme of things. Anyway, you get my point. I believe in investing in a quality item that will last and caring for it properly and/because I'm not wild about disposaculture.

That said, after taking my coffee pot apart and putting it back together three times now to repair it, after lugging it to I think five or six addresses, I might want to think about letting it go. My grandparents could get ten or fifteen more years out of it in ways I'd never dream of, but I think it's time to let it find the thrift store of its dreams and go to a new household. Brewing coffee then pouring it through a sieve every day to remove grounds that shouldn't be there is getting a tad old. Then again, maybe I should just not bother with filters, brew it up, grounds and all, then sieve it. See there? The apple really must not fall far.


Nicky said...

you could just go with a French press at this point ... no electrity! plus a well-rounded flavor profile, I think.

thea said...


So much inspiration fueled by caffeine alone. So many journal posts based on ageing coffee pots alone.

It's the bean for the brain.
I have a coffee boner now, thanks.

Betsy said...

We went through a period of time where, having broken the pot to our coffeemaker twice, used a smaller one instead which required delicate placement of a spoon in order to make the coffee drip into the pot. Finally we got another new carafe and I haven't broken it yet.
But I'm with you on the whole shebang.

Eric Spitznagel said...

There's a coffee joint just a few blocks from my house where tattooed goth chicks will personally make you a big, steamy cup of java for just two shiny quarters.

Tattooed goth chicks never break down. Well, at least not that way.