Jun 11, 2007


I made a little space for The Fixx Reading Series over on Guth-a-Go-Go. Look.

You know that scene in Wild At Heart (what a great movie) when Laura Dern is scrolling through all the radio stations as she is driving and every station has horrible news being read and she gets frustrated and screams, "Sailor! You get me some music on that radio this instant! I mean it!" and they end up dancing really badly to death metal on the side of the road?

Yeah, I thought of that just now because all of these headlines popped into my inbox all at once: Suspected Iraqi Terrorists Hit 2nd Bridge! Ten-Year Teen Sex Sentence Voided! Stress, Depression May Hike Memory Problems! Mom Charged After 35-lb. Son Begs For Food! Chinese Hospitals Used Fake Blood Protein In Patient IV Drips! Aid Workers Die In Lebanese Crash! Bangladesh Mudslides Kill 79! Alzheimer's May Quadruple by 2050!

Okay, maybe this afternoon has been a little hectic and I'm feeling it. Ha!


Beth said...

Now I'm freaked and overloaded. Where's Bloodgasm when you need 'em ...?

Adam Deutsch said...

Speaking of Alzheimers: http://www.theonion.com/content/video/study_alzheimer_s_patients_say

Nice meeting you on Printers Row.