Jun 5, 2007


In the coffeeshop of champions. Nothing can stop me today. (Famous last words, right?) Nevermind that I fell down putting on pants this morning and hit my head on the radiator, nevermind that had a minor technical issue with my laptop. Today is ripe with potential.

From my horoscope today: "We are flooded with confidence and can easily take on more than we can handle. We turn on all the lights so we can be seen and appreciated. It's time to express our desires openly and show others what we want."

Blammo. See there? Ripe with potential.


sparkypoo said...

Woo hoo!!
(you can have all my Aries confidence today dear, I'm feeling a bit lazy)

Leah said...

I like that better than the horoscope Google delivered to me today. Enjoy!