Jun 5, 2007


Done. Several deadlines have been met for now. Aaaand cue decompressing.

I was just given a single ticket to a baseball game tonight, of two teams I can't stand, but I'm going anyway. Never been to that corporately-sponsored ballpark, never been to a baseball game alone, either, but it sounds pretty good. An adventure, in any case. I have no idea how to act at a baseball game of neutral importance, either.

But first, I'm heading over to pay a visit to poor, bedridden Mermaidhead. I think she's bored to tears.


Leen said...

I was unaware that you can't stand the White Sox, there ah, young lady. I'm a little hurt.

Amy Guth said...

Kidding, I'm a kidder. Sheesh. I'm just bitter about that smashed ketchup bottle over the head incident during the subway series.