May 12, 2007


If I sent you a text message between 1am and 5am, I sincerely apologize. Alcohol makes me chatty and hyper and, apparently, unable to read a watch.

So, I am pretty hungover. No, I was hungover, but I'm okay now, just a bit slow. My brother and I caught up with an old friend, made a couple of new friends, and drank our faces off last night. I drink socially, but last night, I seemed particularly exuberant and paid for that dearly this morning. Luckily, it wasn't anything a little breakfast covered in hot sauce didn't fix.

Prior to getting tanked up like a fratboy on a mission, Lil Brother and I went for veg sushi and hung out. Before that, we trekked around various parts of the city, soaking up the sunshine and sort of playing tourist, stumbling into a presidential memorabilia shop and leaving with cool 8x10s of FDR. Lovely times. The day began in one of the finer establishments in this area, the Ol' South Pancake House, which boasts the motto, "Sho good eatin'! Cain't be beaten!"

Today is one of those days I don't allow myself nearly enough of. We're hanging out. (Okay, my Lil Brother lives in Swanksylvania, so I am usurping his washer and dryer, so I suppose I am technically accomplishing something.) Lil Brother is in the other room playing the guitar. I'm typing and checking email, but not with too much urgency. It's all quite nice. We're going to track down a friend later, but for now, hanging out suits us both just fine.

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Leah in Chicago said...

Ha ha ha! sounds like a great trip! Should I be bummed I didn't get a drunk text?

Going to pout now.