Apr 9, 2007


Okay, I sat on this for a day or so because it's still a little unnerving to me. As was discussed a few posts ago, the fansite thing happened. It's on MySpace. Made by a guy I have never met. I admit that I have been refreshing the page a lot for the past few days because it's really surreal to me. It's like looking at an x-ray of your own bones plus having a journal read outloud by a stranger plus running naked in an unfamiliar city. Something like that. It's also weird to me to see the number of Friends increasing. Im glad, it's just weird. It's flattering and I appreciate it (especially once its creator's girlfriend put a comment on it, thus eliminating a few concerns I had) and I'm really quite touched that anyone read my book thre times much less that they felt moved enough to start a fansite. It's just new and a little bit weird and a little bit entertaining to see how somene else might be seeing me.

Anyway, you can find it on my own MySpace page if you want to, you know, be friends with it. Them. Whatever. They ("Friends of Amy Guth") added me as a friend. I guess it might be a little bit weird if they didn't.

I also really like the term coined for a Friend of Amy Guth, which is a "FOAGie". I think it's hilarious.

In other news, I got word about a really cool project I'm being interviewed for, which I'm excited about. And, since New Orleans, I've been writing a lot. Not as much or as clearly as when I was actually there, but still, quite a bit. Manuscripts are zipping along. Things move forward. Life is good. I'm glad. May the good times continue.

Anyone know where I can get a cool new living room rug? I need one. I'm kind of over the one I have. Uh, and my cat just barfed on it anyway, so.... he is apparently over it, too.


"jew" "girl" said...

ok, girlie, let's discuss. the ag fan club could've coined themselves amy's labia lickers, which would've been wrong on several if not all levels. instead they call themselves friends of amy guth. if we lived in hog jaw, arkansas that might have a molestery ring to it, but we don't.

honestly, I think it's quite lovely, flattering and wonderful! the page looks great and the mensch behind it is presenting you in a most respectful, festive and engaging light. go with it and enjoy it! (not that you aren't, I'm just being a GIANT pain in the ass).

ps: this chewboy -> eric spitznagel is in your fan club. I just super fell in love with him and felt warm and creepy chick syndrome fuzzy. not sure if it's because of the image of an old man in leopard skin or his surname spitznagel, but he's too hilar.


"jew" "girl" said...

mazel tov on the continued success and new project!!!

thea said...

I couldn't help but chuckle to myself.

"Friend of Amy Guth" is not "FOAGie." It's "FAG."

Depends how comfortable your fans are at claiming that title and empowering it.