Apr 7, 2007


I wrote twelve pages today in a coffeeshop, which I am happy about. The last page and a half was laborous, but I got through it fine and got down on paper enough for today. Of course, I did this and now have to scramble because I just got a call that the woman set to serve as my accountant is retiring. Just like that. As of yesterday. So, on likely the most complicated tax year I have yet to see, I have to pull a last-minute coup when I thought everything was already set. Well, to start, I don't want to cut corners, settle for the wrong person and such, so I'm going to file an extension and check out some others. I refuse to freak out about my tax preparation. It's not a matter of life and death, yet I don't play around with this stuff. Some things are worth being patient about. So, an extension will give me a little breathing room precisely so I don't have to worry.

In other news, did anyone else realize that I am a sign of the coming apolypse? Apparently so. Scroll all the way down, and, ah, what's that? Why, it's my bookcover! Who knew?

I feel like getting another tattoo. Tonight.


Anonymous said...

just remember that when you file for your extension, you need to pay your estimated taxes (taxes are still due on the 16th, even if you're filing later) - if not, penatlies, interest, etc.

i enjoy your blog, btw :)

Pretty Pink Ink said...

..and yet you don't seem to get any credit for your part in the annilation of mankind, at least not at first glance, I will have to read the whole thing. By the way, being associated with the apocolypse -- rockstar cool!

Friends of Amy Guth said...

When can we expect the new book out??? Your fan are dying for more! What is it about? Can we get a blog preview?