Apr 6, 2007


How is it really April and this chilly? It's below freezing! Something is terribly off. Or, being in warm, wonderful New Orleans last week only makes a final cold snap in Chicago even less bearable. Anyway, I made a big batch of extra-spicy veggie jambalaya tonight and shut the drapes and windows and have, thus far, pretty successfully ignored the weather. I can hear lots of people out and about tonight, chatting as they walk past my building, but there was no way I was going to set foot outside. No way.

(Just as I typed that, I heard a woman scream, "Fuck you, Steve! Don't you ever tell me what to do again!")

I am really ready for spring.


In other news, a fried of mine emailed to tell me she'd been drinking Ouzo and dyeing "decorative spring eggs" all afternoon and drawing either boobs or a penis or the word "fucker" on each. Nice. My friends are all really sophisticated people, I can assure you.

In other news, I haven't made any decision about the previous post, yet. Part of me wishes he'd just gone ahead with it because it feels egomaniacal to agree to it, to tell you the truth. But, I appreciate him running it all past me. Do I want to be involved? Do I have time to be involved? What could it mean if I'm not involved? Eh well. I can't stop anyone from anything, so I'm thinking at this point that I'm just going to let it unfold. Who knows?

Yawn. Anyway. I'm going to do a little yoga and hit the hay.


miontorus said...

Well, there it is... a response. That is: my real name is "Steve"!!! The response wasn't directly from the horses mouth, so to speak, but all the same... ufffff. Right in the Bocci balls. Why does everyone take things so seriously, anyways?

miontorus said...

I thought you might enjoy this article on BBC for Easter...


I read through a bunch of your posts last night.. really should get a copy of THREE FALLEN WOMEN to see what is going on in that noodle of yours. :)

have a great weekend!

Amy Guth said...

Miontorus, I still must insist that i don't know what you are talking about. But, thanks for the well, wishes in any case.

miontorus said...

Amy, my apologies for not being clearer. I guess I was distracted because I was eating a big bowl of cocoa puffs while writing that comment to you. Yesterday I gave you feedback on whether you should have a fan club or not. I said "not", etc. I checked back a couple of times for your reponse. Well, then, last night, I returned to see your post WIDE TO RECEIVE and the first thing that caught my eye was: "Fuck you, Steve! Don't you ever tell me what to do again!" You see, my real name is "Steve" so, like, my eyes would gravitate there by reflex, and I instantly registered you were talking to ME. Fuck! Then I read the whole thing and found that you said that you heard someone ELSE say that while passing by outside. Whew. I thought you were psychic for a second and doing some Vodou on me. I hope this explanation makes more sense.

Amy Guth said...

Oh. Well, I suppose that makes perfect sense then. Carry on. As you were.