Mar 28, 2007


Delayed at the airport. I'm at one of those charge your laptop and cellphone kiosks where I made friends with an attorney and am now surrounded by tiny, adorable English children. One of the English children and I just had the sweetest conversation about, of all things, fog and Las Vegas.

My flight is delayed a bit. That's okay. As long as I arrive with my luggage, I'm going to be happy. I actually enjoy airports quite a bit. Look at all of the people, all focused on doing their thing.

Anyone want to prank call me? Anyone? Bueller? Hello?


Lee said...

do you have prince albert in a can?

Doctor Bean said...

Hello? Is this Amy Guth? We're just calling to check if your refrigerator is running. It is?

Then you’d better go catch it!


(Ahem. Is that what you wanted?)