Mar 28, 2007


So, my neighbor is getting laid, if any of you are interested in that little factoid. Maybe you can hear it from where you are, too.

So, I'm about to leave for the airport in a bit. Just tying up a few ends first. I fly often enough, but, oy vey, do I stress a litle before every flight. Every flight number can sound like a disaster, like a tv-movie-of-the-week if you think about it enough. Anyway, so I'm not thinking about it. Nor am I thinking about the foggy weather that has descended upon Chicago today. Nor am I thinking about the books that did not arrive at the festival and so I have a bulk of them in my suitcase with my good suit. No, because if I thought about it, I might worry that my luggage would get lost, my plane would crash, etc.

So, I'm not going to do that.

I will, however, be thinking about a fun trip, a fun lit fest, making new friends and having a swank hotel room all to myself. Yes. That's what I'm thinking about this morning.

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David said...

On behalf of all your readers, please convey our hearty congratulations to your neighbor.

Travel well. Chag Sameach.