Mar 29, 2007


It is slightly unnerving to me when I stay up really late and manage to wake up very early and without the prompting of an alarm. Ah, but let me tell you. I woke up sprawled in the center of the greatest king-sized bed ever. I am thinking that my queen-sized bed's days could be numbered. Man, the sleeping is good here.

Anyway, so last night was a scream. I found good company then an excellent veggie burger at Coop's, poked around the Louisiana supreme court building (the statue out front is really menacing and creepy), strolled the antique shops and art galleries of Royal Street, strolled past Cafe du Monde but didn't stop (will do, though, fear not), Jackson Square and its pretty green gardens, all the way down Decatur Street, had my obligatory hurricane on Bourbon Street plus a few other sips here and there as I popped around (couldn't tell you where) laughed at the sight of The Frat House bar, the totally seedy strip clubs (these really skeeved me) and the delightfully lively drag crowd and managed to make it back to my hotel in one piece.

I understand there is a VooDoo museum that I was dangerously close to last night. I must check that out. Long-time readers might recall I think Vodou is really interesting. I feel like I should go just to offset this image from last night-- crossing the street, I look over and realize a powerfully-lit Jesus statue is positioned to make a giant Jesus shadow on the building at night. That'll make ya jump. A good dose of Vodou might balance that out for me, karmically, right?

But today is about work. I'm sure I'll sneak in an adventure as I pop around working and getting my weekend stuff lined up, but for now, away I go.

Oh, and if you're interested, the lit fest is being blogged if you want to keep up with the particulars. I've, ahem, already gotten a tiny, tiny shoutout.

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Annie said...

The voodoo museum isn't great. Or wasn't when I visited. It is just the "material culture" aspect, so objects that are from voodoo rituals with an explaination. There is very little overview, or history of voodoo.

Also, when I went to visit there was an empty snake cage where their longtime mascot had been until his recent demise. (This was summer of 2004)