Sep 11, 2006


My new friend over at One Pot Meal wrote about the chicken bone I found in my hotel room a few days ago, titling the post "A Voodoo Curse?"

That got me thinking and Googling. Not that I think it was necessarily Voodoo, but the mention of Voodoo made me realize how embarrassingly little I know about Voodoo. And, I think religion is interesting. And, and I pounce on any opportunity to try to educate myself about something new. I'm one of those nerds who wants to know about everything, and wants to see how different people do things and live and think and consider. So, here. I learned some interesting things about Voodoo today.

"The word Voodoo is used to describe the Afro-creole tradition of New Orleans, Vodou is used to describe the Haitian Vodou Tradition, while Vudon and Vodun and Vodoun are used to describe the deities honoured in the Brazilian Jeje (Ewe) nation of Candomble as well as West African Vodoun, and in the African diaspora. Voodoo or Hoodoo also refer to African-American folk spirituality of the southeastern USA, with roots in West African traditional or "folk" spirituality. When the word Vodou/Vodoun is capitalized, it denotes the Religion proper. When the word is used in small caps, it denotes folk spirituality, or the actual deities honored in each respective tradition." (From Wikipedia. Read the whole article here. The "Myths and Misconceptions" section is especially interesting.)

Interesting, huh? Something I didnt know and now, I can be more sensitive to/about. I mean, you never know who you'll meet. Why offend someone with my ignorance when the smallest bit of reading could mean otherwise, right? Right. Good.

Eh, I don't know. Just something I was thinking of.

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Lua Feiti├žeira said...

Well, we learn new things everyday, that was the most interesting thing I learned (as well) for today.

Voodo.. interesting!