Mar 9, 2007


So, last night was a hill of fun. Unfortunately, Binnie Kirschenbaum had to cancel at the last minute (Binneleh! You okay?) so Joanna Scott and I ruled the roost. She read from her very lovely book, Everybody Loves Somebody (and signed a wonderful inscription that I just adore into the copy I purchased), which you should run right out and acquire from your nearest independent bookstore.

Man-about-blogosphere, John K, was kind enough to document the whole shebang for us last night. So, let's do a little show and tell, eh?

These first two. Yes. Here I am (with my two hour old haircut. Yes? We like?) getting the giggles started by sharing a few freaky emails I've gotten lately from random readers. So funny. Always great for a giggle.

Then, I read a little of my Three Fallen Women.

Then, Joanna Scott did her fabulous reading (the story about "Yip!" is precious. I can't wait to read it again) and when she finished, we both hopped up and did a little Q&A. Okay, I forced the poor audience to cough up some questions for us to get chatty over. What did you do on Thursday night? Ahem, I was hanging out with a Pulitzer gal. That's how I roll, thankyouverymuch. Behold!

Unfortunately, I didn't end up with any photos of the lovely and fun Bookslut, but a big thank you to her and to all of my fine new friends at Stop Smiling magazine for putting it all together and inviting this Bigmouth to come hang out and play. Many, many thanks.

(I got the coolest thing last night from a new friend who calls himself "Evil Goy". Hello, vintage 1976 Siouxie and the Banshees t-shirt! Evil Goy, many thanks to you.)


"jew" "girl" said...

fabulous! you are stunning, engaging and the reading looks like it was a smashing, festive success! I am so getting everybody loves somebody. I'm always on the hunt for a new read.

diane said...

Oh lady!! You looked GORGEOUS!
Glad everything went well. :)