Feb 5, 2007


I spoke too soon. No luck with my own shower yet, but I did venture out and borrow a shower. It very well might have been the greatest shower of my life. I do have a new kitchen light fixture, which is very nice. The toilet water temperature has been adjusted so it doesn't have exterior condensation when the radiator runs super-high anymore. But, in the morning, my kitchen faucet will be yanked out and replaced with a new one, a hole will be sawed in the back of my closet to make a second crawl space to access the back of my shower faucet (the current crawl space in the back of my closet only grants access to the underside of the tub and the drains), my shower faucet with be replaced, as will the shower head and the tiny drain in my bathroom floor under the radiator will be opened up and blasted out, and, um, I thnk that is it. Oh, and my downstairs neighbor gets a hole sawed in her kitchen to access the underbelly of my bathub. You see, this ice ordeal, as it turns out, happened to occur at a very good time, as many plumbing-related items in my apartment needed tweaking and the ice sort of forced the issue as it seems. To, you know, put it mildly. The guys doing all of this discovery and repair were wonderful and fast but simply couldn't fit everything into one day.

Anyway, I had a shower, a really hot shower. That was my main priority. If all goes well I'll have another tomorow in my own tub. A very big thank you to all of you who have offered use of your showers in the past few days during this mess.

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"jew" "girl" said...

these shower / water challenged yarns are quite funny, diva guth.

I hope you are well, sweets.