Feb 1, 2007


Ive decided to focus on my health and my money this month. Not, exclusively, of course, but you know, I think I just want to make sure I'm in good shape in both arenas. I've had a terribly busy few weeks, okay a terribly busy month and I realize that I have been so consumed with work that I have let other areas of my life slide a little. (Half of you shake your fists at me as you read that I'm sure because I know I owe you face time.)

So, I'm sitting here having a delicious creation with miso, brown jasmine rice and so many other organic bits of deliciousness that I prepared for dinner and I just got copies of my credit reports. I am good about checking my credit every year but it never fails that I get so nervous just before taking a peek. Could it be that I base some of my self-worth on my credit score? Eh, a lot of us probably do that a little. I mean with words like creditworthiness floating arund, it's hard not to get your sense of worth caught up in it all.


Just before I peeked, I said to myself You, Amy Guth, are a good person and people like you and you do nice things and your karma is good. No matter what number you are about to see, you are still a good, valuable person and you are surrounded by people who care for you very much. Then, I looked, jumped up and shouted, with such might that a pen went flying, my cat jumped, my cellphone shot across the room, and my chair fell to the ground, In your face, FICO! That's right! Mama works, bitch! Ohh, snap!


I mean, I, uh, am pleased to report my credit is to my liking.

As you were.


Al Sensu said...

Time to celebrate with a fat, juicy rare steak.

Amy Guth said...


Nicky said...

Boy if our worth in this society is based on credit score I should be in jail. Actually I should be like, an Untouchable or something.

"jew" "girl's" said...

mazel tov, bubbie!!!!!