Feb 14, 2007


Ahem, just a friendly little reminder about my "Friends In High Places" photo contest. Remember, and this is key, I think, that it isn't about famous people, it's about the most famous or important person that you have access to. It's all relative. So, if your landlord is a VIP in your life, then a photo of your landlord holding the book is a perfectly reasonable photo submission. What's that? You don't have a copy of my book? Oh, well, you can buy a copy of Three Fallen Women at one of my upcoming readings, on March 8th (Bookslut Reading Series) and March 21st (The Book Cellar) or, if you are far too impatient for any such thing, you can order a copy right this every minute by clicking here and seeing a dazzling array of ordering options.

Oh, and don't let me stop you from emailing this post to all of your friends. Really. Go right ahead.

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TherapyDoc said...

I'm really sorry. How did I miss this? It's been a crazy winter. Sun's out. Yay.