Feb 14, 2007


I shloshed a few miles last night in the snow and I the cold, fresh air to do me a world of good after feeling sort of stuck and busy for the last couple of days, er, weeks. (Okay, months.)

I called my brother on the way home to say hello and had to convince him I wasn't hammered- my cheeks were a wee bit frozen so I was slurry.

I walked by these doors yesterday and though I have probably walked past them hundreds of times, something about them yesterday, in all of that snow particularly caught my eye.

In other news, wouldn't it be a scream if these skellies turned out to be the same sex?


Wings - john k said...

I like the old architecture of the doors combined with the snow. Good eye. There are so many neat old buildings in Chicago and buildings that have been converted from their original use to new incarnations.

The Ann Sathers on Belmont used to be a funeral home. You would never know it, but when you see the long narrow dining rooms (upstairs and down) after someone explains it to you it almost becomes obvious.

Amy Guth said...

It sure does! Wow, I never knew that, but now that I think about it it does seem obvious!

Mmmmmm, Ann Sather....