Feb 1, 2007


While it is impossible to agree with everything another human being ever says in this life, sometimes, you have to admit that regardless of what is being said, whatever it is you are hearing at the moment is ballsy just because being said. In English. There are some real hard-ass people in the public eye who I think are full of shit, uninformed dolts, and there are some I mostly agree with except for a few topics... but in any case, I admire them for speaking up and not being afriad to bitch, I mean really bitch, when things don't add up. Also, there are some people who, while I might not agree with all they have to say every time they speak, I must commend just for speaking up and saying the things polite society is too terrified to say.

So, without getting into the specifics of the ways I did and did not agree with her, columnist Molly Ivins has sadly lost in the matter of breast cancer.

Whatever you thought about her, one must admit that she at least was a mouthy broad with a decent shot of chutzpah. While at times, I agreed with her, sometimes I did not, but I did always hold a certain amount of respect for a woman that monumentally pissed off about the Ol' Boys Club. I have to give her that.

So, now is as good of an occasion as any. Take a moment and click through to The Breast Cancer Site, give yourself some education on the subject (because, let's face it, if you have boobs, breast cancer is your problem. If you love someone with boobs, breast cancer is your problem, too.), get yourself signed up for a Susan G. Komen event, and, for crying out loud, nobody digs mammography, but do it anyway. Even for free if you can't afford it.

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