Feb 27, 2007


So, here's a little happy note. Canasta is a local band I am happy to have found. Why? Well, not only are they a great band, but they also did a great cover of Peter Shilling's Major Tom, which I wrote about right here, just before the end of the year. Well, look closely! It is my lucky day, because Canasta found me and came and said hello, if you will humor me and look in the comments section. I just love it when I think something is great and someone who made it great stops by and says thanks.

I've been sewing and keeping a low profile today. The funeral was this morning back in NYC and my mind is there. It's sad news, but I think I'm thinking more about long lives lived out so well. There's an art to this shit, that's for sure.


"jew" "girl" said...

oh, yes there is, sweet cheeks. beautifully said.

Leah said...

I know that the family of the Super Hero appreciates all your help yesterday and the addition of your thoughts and prayers today.

David Byck said...

Amy, I ordered a copy of your book from Amazon the other day. Not only did I want to read it but I also wanted my seventeen year old to read it as well. From what I can see your writing style is unique and I thought it would be good exposure for her as she likes to write as well.

Take care and peace,

Wings - john k said...

In life, you determine quality, fate determines quantity. It seems your Super Hero used every minute he has had wisely and lived a rewarding life. He should be an example for all of us.