Dec 28, 2006


Back from lockdown. Is there anything better than the minutes just after meeting a deadline? Nope. It's just about the most satisfying feeling ever. It's stressful and tense and then, suddenly, the weight of the world is lifted and you can friggin' focus on your life again. It also means that I can end my temporary pants boycott. (I have this thing about writing or editing with fabric on my legs, especially my knees. It doesn't matter how cold it might be-- if I'm working, I have to be wearing shorts. Such a weird hang-up.) And, it also means that I am now free to indulge my urge to clean and polish and organize everything to start 2007 off on the right foot.

Ah, but... What I find very hilarious today is that the second, I mean the absolute second, I emailed everything over to my editor minutes ago, I got my period. Like "send" aaaand cue cramps. Just like that. A little early, but, eh, I'll take it. The period I can handle, its the week before that I'm easily teary, hateful, aggressive and convinced everyone hates me. Ha.

So, yesterday, despite being under the gun, I had to go out to run a couple of quick errands. First I heard and listened to (in its entirety) Tesla's Lovesong. What a piece of crap that one was, but oh how loved it was, no? Then, I heard a Peter Schilling cover done by Canasta that I loved. Loved. That's a good song to start with, but look what this great band did with it. And, they're local! Fabulous! So, I was flitting around town, very proud of my Canasta discovery when suddenly, I saw these two things a block apart:

1. A blow up, life-size Santa in a tiny NASCAR vehicle in a front yard with a bumper sticker (?) saying "Shalom" on it. Oookay.

2. A red Ford Mustang with "Limited Jesus Edition" painted across the back.

I'll give anyone out there in the blogosphere a dollar and my unending adoration if you give your car a religious identity and email me a picture of how you accomplished such a task. Um, okay, how about just my unending adoration? C'mon. It'll be fun.


Anonymous said...

Tag you're it. (Sorry!)

Arwen said...

which religion? Does sit matter?

PS - really enjoying 3 Fallen Women. Freida is such a bad ass.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it’s sunny and warm here in Malaysia. About 90 degrees - humidity about the same. I’m planning on doing 108 sun salutations on 1st January. I usually only do this practice for my birthday but I’ve been thinking my body could really use the change and it would be a great way to bring in the new year. How about you? Any plans along these lines?

I’m glad you met your deadline. Do you also write for magazines or newspapers? If you do, I have a lot of respect for you. Me, when I sit down to write, unless it’s ninety thousand words and, exactly what I want to write, then forget it! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been writing for some magazines this past year but I can honestly say I don’t enjoy a lot of it.

Take care and peace,

Caroline said...

Nothing specific to this blog post. Just wanted to let you know that I finished your book last night and really enjoyed it. A student of the classics and accomplished book worm, I was most pleased to find a modern work of fiction so interesting and rich. I really enjoyed your writing, the way your imagery echoed throughout the book, your power. I like your bag of tricks. Looking forward to all that you will write in the years to come.


Amy Guth said...

I'll take your tag, Orieyenta! Tag away!

Arwen, thank you and, um, any religion is fine, heh heh.

Anon-- that's a wonderful tradition! I'll be blogging about my NYE plans along these lines. Yes, I do other writing as well. It's fun. i love it. Some thoughts are long, some are little pops. I write then all down.

Caroline-- I'm stunned! What a beautiful thing to say! Thank you! How did you come to find my book? Just curious.

Caroline said...

I saw the book in the back of my friend's car, burried under coffee cups and sketches of naked women (he had recently attended a figure drawing class). I opened to the part where Frieda is infuriated by the feeling of cum dripping down her leg, and knew I had to read it. I traded it for my complete works of Plato. The copy is signed to Mark, and says "Thanks for not pressing charges that one time in Providence."

Amy Guth said...

Caroline! I remember writing that there at Symposium Books! What a fun night! Well, I am honored you enjoyed it so much. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you like our cover of Major Tom!

~ Elizabeth /Canasta ~