Jan 13, 2007


Welcome to another edition of "If It Could Only Still Be Socially Acceptable To Make A Mix Tape, This Is What I Would Put On One This Week" Saturday... but, before I get into any of it, I have to tell you that I just ate a tofu scramble sitting about five feet away from Andrew Bird at Lulu's.

1.Tables & Chairs/Andrew Bird
2. Sick/Sneaker Pimps
3. Being From Jersey Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry/Cobra Starship
4. I Know It's True But I'm Sorry To Say/Violent Femmes
5. La Vie En Rose/Edith Piaf
6. Voices Carry/Til Tuesday
7. Fascination Street/The Cure
8. All You Zombies/The Hooters
9. Too Much Information/The Police
10. Mad World/Tears For Fears
11. Mirror In The Bathroom/The English Beat
12. Pulling Mussels From The Shell/Squeeze
13. Fake Palindromes/Andrew Bird
14. Work, Work, Work/The Rakes
15. Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts/Maritime

Well, I'm off to social action committee biznass here in a bit, so I need to go make myself look responsible, said the woman with magenta stripes in her hair. Heh.


Sizzle said...

great post idea! andrew bird- wowee!

Anonymous said...

Great list. If you get a chance, pick up Andrew Bird's recent Fingerlings 3 release. Track two, "Dark Matter", is sublime.

undo said...

nice grown up music.