Jan 12, 2007


I'm alive! Woohoo! Here's the thing. I have decided that maybe I need to spend a moment in a tanning bed from time to time. Not for tanning! I feel so lethargic in winter and feeling lethargic makes work go slow which makes me feel easily overwhelmed which makes me stress which makes me succeptible to colds which makes me catch colds which then makes colds linger forever. So, if I got a little sunlight all over, maybe I'd feel young and spry. Because I eat well, I exercise, I take care of myself and the only thing different is sunshine. So, maybe I will go talk a tanning salon into letting me into a tanning bed for 5 minutes every couple of weeks. I've been in one before (I wasn't going to show up in the Yuccatan this pale. Hello?) and it takes more like twelve minutes for me to get any color, so, eh, maybe just a shot of UV would be enough to perk me up. It's like season affective disorder, only physically not emotionally. (Shrugs)

I Zicam'd it and Vitamin C'd it and ate lots of spinach and drank lots of green tea and water and fought my way through, though. I got really desperate and took a cold & sinus pill yesterday and pulled the hives/swelling throat/spike in body temperature routine on myself. Oops. Dumbass. I never have done well with Tylenol anything. But, I feel good today. Fucking finally.

But, I thrive. Amy Guth is always okay. I read a lot and painted. My two new canvasses are primed and on my kitchen walls so I can stare at them and figure out what the paint on them. I did laundry. I watched the Pesidential address two nights ago and now worry about the possibility of my friend, ArmyGrrl, being deployed.

For those keeping score: He said "terror" or "terrorist" (pronounced "tear" and "tearist") only ten times. "Sectarian" seven times. "Nuke-u-lawr" only once. "Nine-Eleven" only once. "Al Kite-uh" eight times. But, he said "Merica" a whopping twenty-two times.

How have all of you been? I feel like I'm out of the bloggy loop.


diane said...

Hooray!! Rumors of your demise were greatly exaggerated, then!
So sorry you were feeling poopy. Instead of a tanning bed, of course I am going to recommend you get yourself a nice lightbox. :) Even the kitties like them!
(whispers quietly--make sure you get enough rest too, on a regular basis that is key!)

Arwen said...

I was watching 30 Rock last night and kept thinking of or dear sweet from the other night because one of the characters was in a movie called 'Rural Juror' and noone could figure out what she was saying. It's a lot like that with the pres and his elocution except sometimes hie elocution is fine, he just don't really make any sense.

Anonymous said...

hey amy,

just curious if you've ever thought about doing a podcast?

Amy Guth said...

Hey, anon. I sure have. Am in the process of educating myself a bit more about such a thing. :)

katie schwartz said...

mazel tov, bubbie. I'm so glad you're feeling better.

love the word count on the debacle that is bush.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder....and liberals are only here to convince you that you need saving from yourself....you are not a victim....
Jeb Bush in `08!!!

Anonymous said...

I missed the “Bush Show” but tell me - how many times did he say the words, peace, love, understanding, sympathy, humanity, pullout, I’m sorry?


Oh, yeah, I'm glad you're feeling well.

Adam Shprintzen said...

Peace, love, understanding...and pullout.

The significantly less popular Elvis Costello song.

Adam Shprintzen said...

Ok, seriously anon #2. the fact that you even compare a political ethos with a "mental disorder" just shows how filled with misinformation and irrational hatred your closed mind is. One can disagree with a particular point of view or philosophy, and not feel compelled to drag the debate into petty name calling and over-simplified platitudinal statements. Is the current state of "liberalism" in this country oft-misguided and disorganized? Sure. That said, you DON'T have to be a liberal (however one defines that term...it surely has a wide spectrum) to understand how botched Iraq truly was, and how dangerous the potential implications are. Open your eyes a litte, and maybe realize that the only thing you should be wedded to is rational, objective thought, and not blind love of a political party and/or philosophy.