Dec 11, 2006


Okay, it is settled. Craigslist is actually even better than we thought, as it turns out. In a nutshell, Craig, the big cheese behind the list, doesn't mess around with hate mail or senders thereof. He's proactive and on top of things once the situation was explained, he understood completely and put my concerns to rest. He, obviously, can't control what every user of Craigslist does, but if a user is inappropriate and he knows about it, he's on top of it and will take care of it. And, he's also a terribly nice guy. No escalation, no nonsense, no bullshit, just takin' care of bizznass. Just like we like, right? Of course.

So there you have it. Now everyone invite Craig over for latkes and dreidel. Of course.

Craig, yes. Mel Gibson, no.

Now, can we keep the Seas of Bigmouth calm for a while please? Don't let my tough veneer fool you. Drama makes me sad and worried. So, erase, erase, erase. Let's clear the cobwebs and do something fun, shall we? This negativity lately make-uh me crazy. Wait, ha ha, this is positive! Here is a pic you might like. It's me. At IKEA. In a dog bed.

And that, boys and girls, is what happens when you say things like, Jesus, that's a big-ass dog bed! I'll bet I can fit in it! when you're out shopping with Sparktacular.


Leah said...

Yeah! I can continue adoring Craig! Even if it is HIS fault that I dated Rock N Roll. Okay, maybe not totally Craig's fault.


diane said...

Phew, very glad to hear things got worked out.
And I love getting into cahoots with you in public. I still wish we'd gone shopping for the eternity circle or whatever the heck that necklace was at Old Orchard. Perhaps we need to start calling places ahead of time, to warn them that Guth and Sparks are coming soon to a shopping facility near you...