Dec 11, 2006


I want to be extra clear--- I got anti-semitic email from people as a result of placing an ad on Craigslist looking for Jewish bloggers. I use Craigslist often and have gotten my ads pulled when I use the word "Jewish" but haven't gotten anything pulled when it's a secular project, regardless of project compensation levels. I'm not saying I got the ads pulled because Craig or Craigslist is anti-semitic, I'm just pointing out that it did get pulled. In fact, I'm pointing it out because, as it is a community run forum, Craigslist is likely unaware of the subject matter when something gets pulled.

Just wanted to clarify that. Nobody from Craigslist has said anything anti-semitic to me, so I'm not accusing them of such.

Just for the record. So, chill with the email already.

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diane said...

Dude, if anyone read your blog carefully, they would know this.
Seriously people. Amy doesn't need this.