Dec 12, 2006


In my very humble opinion, diner breakfast is just about the best way to start the day. And, today being rainy only made the choice all that much better. Viva breakfast! Viva diners!

But, I need to get to work now. I have ten projects that need my dire attention. On of them is to put the last bits of mojo together for my Chanukah Blog Tour. Jewish bloggers, there is still time if you want on the train. It'll only cost you one blog post to have all my blog traffic for a day. Not a bad trade. Anyway, work beckons. Read, read, read, jot, jot, jot, type, type, type.

But, what I lack in length of blog post today, I'll make up for it in laughs at the expense of the Japanese.


Anonymous said...

OMG - that video just made me laugh harder and harder as it went on.

Anonymous said...

Peeing.....silly Japanese