Dec 10, 2006


I'm having one of those "everyone-just-go-do-your-own-thing-and-leave-me-to-do-mine" kind of days. These pop up when my life needs a little TLC. Not a bad thing, at all. I just woke up really aware of it, is all. Maybe it actually started late last night. Nothing launched it, nothing happened, nobody crossed me, I just got the sudden urge to hide out and guard myself is all. "Me time" as more enlightened folks might say. And, when these solo moods strike, I have found that it is best to just embrace them and dive right in. Trying to ignore these moods or stall them only makes me want to retreat more.

In my hiding out today, I've cleaned out one of my email inboxes, launched a kitchen reorganization, prepped to paint my bedroom, gathered my little bit of laundry that needs attending to, and made a to do list, (Oh, I do love listmaking. I'm an OmniOutliner user, too, which only jacks up my anal list making ante a bit more.) started cooking one of my favorite lunches ever, played a little hide and seek with my cat, polished my living room floor and made a cool graphic for my upcoming Chanukah Virtual Book Tour. (There is still time to hop onto that train, by the by, Jewish bloggers. It'll be fun.)

On a funnier note, I've had my BFF's (Sarah Silverman) "Give The Jew Girl Toys" in my head all morning. Wanna sing it with me?

What does Jesus have to do with you?
You’ve got as much to do with Jesus as you do with Scooby doo,
What do you have to do with Jesus?
You have as much to do with him
as you do your mother’s penis. (oh yeah)
So I don’t think he’s the son of g-d.
I think he was still a nice boy.
If you ask yourself what would Jesus do
he’d say, "Give the Jew girl toys,
give the Jew girl toys, give the Jew girl toys."
Don’t be a douche. What would Jesus do?
He’d say, "Give the Jew girls toys."
Kwaz – is that german,
Santa Claus, Santa Claus,
you made a list and I checked it twice
and there’s nobody named Silverman, or Moskowitz or Weiss,
you have a list, well Schindler did too,
Liam Neeson played him. Tim Allen played you."

Anyway, back to hiding. I'll be up for air later.


diane said...

Oops. I should have read this sooner. Just ignore my voicemail until tomorrow--I so promise not to be hurt. :) (there is something up with our ruling planet, because everything was making me cry yesterday and I am totally not PMS-ing)
Dammit, I wish stress/anger/frustration would cause me to clean or organize. I wish ANYTHING other than my landlady coming up would cause me to clean or organize.

Leah said...

Yes. Us Aries ladies are having some rough waters today. Finally on the upswing.

But have I packed? Nope.