Dec 9, 2006


Tis time for another editon of "If It Could Only Still Be Socially Acceptable To Make A Mix Tape, This Is What I Would Put On One This Week" Saturday...

1. Shopping Trolley/Beth Orton
2. Black Bra/Alowishious Farhatt & the Soapbox Derby Revival Band
3. Mirror in The Bathroom/English Beat
4. Laid/James (What? It's just a good song is all.)
5. Cherry Blossom Girl/Air
6. Burrito/Pete Yorn (Har. Har.)
7. Long Distance Drunk/Modest Mouse
8. Pear/Sirconical
9. I Just Shot John Lennon/The Cranberries
10. Imagine/John Lennon
11. The Winner Is/Devotchka
12. String Bean Jean/Belle & Sebastian
13. Ask/The Smiths
14. Hard To Find/The American Analog Set
15. Smalltown Boy/Bronski Beat (Remember this one??)

1 comment:

diane said...

There's actually a song called "Black Bra"? Brilliant!!