Dec 10, 2006


I started thinking about the thing that happened with Craigslist taking down my post looking for Jewish bloggers while I was cleaning this afternoon and I got mad because it happened at all, mad because nobody from Craigslist has bothered to respond to very polite and curious emails and mad about the crazy neo-nazi hate mail I got. Anyway, I say this: fuck it. Seriously. I'm not doing anything wrong and I have just as much of a right to use Craigslist as anyone else. And, I still need a few more Jewish bloggers for my Super Chanukah Virtual Book Tour. So... I put another couple of posts up, this time I'm asking for "Chanukah-celebrating bloggers for a fun project"... so we shall see how it goes, right? Maybe the J-word is so loaded that it's what got the ad pulled. I don't care. I'll post it again if I have to. What are they going to do? Ban me forever from Craigslist? I think not.

Man, I'm not taking even a pinch of shit today, am I? I don't know where this is coming from, not hormones, not blood sugar, not a specific event, but I just feel slightly fed-up with nothing in particular today.

Eh, screw it, I guess we're all entitled to a fuck-you-I'm-doing-it-my-way sort of day once in a while.

I, at least, use my mild-irritation for good. My kitchen is so organized and clean that I am beyond ready for my new kitchen table. Oh, I didn't mention that, did I? Oh, well, uh, I bought a kitchen table and chairs last night. And, it's awesome. And I get it on Friday afternoon. And, I'm excited. And, I want to clean more stuff. Grrrr.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a real problem, but I can't figure it out from this.

maybe send me the removal email.



Amy Guth said...

Craig, thanks for writing! Will send the details asap.

Leah said...

Craig's the best. When he commented on my blog three years ago, I swooned.

Laurel said...

My blog is your blog! Come tour at my place! Or whatever you need, let me know!

Leah said...

Curious to hear what Craig says, he said on my blog it wasn't anti-semetic flagging that got it removed.

Sizzle said...

thanks for commenting on my blog and giving me link love!

i look forward to reading more.

:) sizzle

p.s. you're so pretty!

Amy Guth said...

Aw, thank you, Sizzle. So nice of you to say.

Welcome! Kepp in touch!