Dec 22, 2006


It took me forever to get this post up. Mainly because I had an action-packed day, but also because, well, as you'll soon read, I had an awful lot of ground to cover.

Welcome to the eighth and final night of my Chanukah Blog Tour! What a fun time this has all been. I've felt such a good warm-fuzzies sense of community this week. Haven't all of the bloggers done such a great job? I think so, too. We'll review all of our bloggers in a minute, but first, let's meet tonight's eight.

First up, we have Skirmish of Wit, who I've deemed "honorary tribe" this week because she whipped my ass in a fierce dreidel match last year. As she mentions in her post. Man, she really delivered the kosher-frum smackdown. Big time. She's a super lady, too, and she's such a good friend that most of my better adventures in recent years have all been with her. You know, come to think of it, she's no fair-weather friend, she's been my friend through all sorts of stuff. She's that cool. And, boy, she sure does know her Shakespeare! Look at her go! (If you really want to get in her good graces, scour the web for obscure U2 clips, tidbits, mp3s etc. The more obscure the better. She loves U2 like I love Morrissey. That's really serious.)

Representing our second candle, author of Princess of Division Street, the one and only, charming, kind and, ahem, pretty badass, Elaine Soloway. What could I possibly say to introduce her? The name says it all. Click on and prepare to love and adore her. (And, if you have no already done so, look how super-easy I've made it for you to buy her wonderful book!)

And, run, do not walk, over and meet friend to all, Yo Yenta a super sharp lady who appreciates things like fair-trade coffee, the latke-hammentaschen debate I am so fond of attending and, you know, she's got to be pretty cool because, um, she totally invited me for latkes! And, I have this thing where I tend to trust people with cool glasses more often than not. So, there's that. Anyway, she's a new BFF, too.

Then, head on over to visit a very good friend and BFF (Dude, why can I not stop saying BFF this year?) of yours truly, the unforgettable dame with moxie to spare, Katie Schwartz. Seriosuly, she's only days away from huge literary celebrity and you're all going to get to say you knew her when.... so there. Read this post! She is a riot. Goyim dreidel twister? Toooootally. And, holy shit, I wil always now refer to sufganyiot as "the dreamiest fat pellets"... done and done.

Our next candle tonight is the mysterious Subservient Worker, who has enough dirt on me to ruin my life for years (wink). And, would you look at that? She is totally on my same wavelength about the curry latkes! Woot!

Keep the applause going now for our new friend Kaye, who is getting ready to honor us all by joining the tribe. She's a little busy (doing a lot of fabulous stuff) so she's going to hold us in suspense for a bit longer. But, she hasn't forgotten about us at all and will post in just a bit. So keep checking back. Her post is going to be really, really cool. How do I know that? Duh, because she is really cool.

Next, let's all say hi to my new friend Al Sensu. Yes, that Al Sensu, who yesterday prioritized writing this post, the one linked to above in between lighting Chanukah candles and jerking off. So, with priorities like that, of course he's welcome here! Anway, check out his fabulously filthy post. Not, say, for the faint of heart. But I know you're tough and freaky, so check it out.

And last but never least, go see SeeWorthy. Honey lateks? Why the heck didn't I ever think of that? I'm totally trying that. And, get ready for an "awww" moment when you see the "I (heart) my partner" response. So sweet.

Now, let's review all of our bloggers!

Wait, let's review backwards, since we just did our eight, our full chanukiot, yes? Yes.

Last night, Kosher Soul Gourmet hooked us on the term "hot naked peeps", Alana Perlin introduced us to blueberry syrup latkes, Danny of Jew Eat Yet? graced our presense with his fancy blog with pictures, Another Meshugganah Mommy, who we know know prefers stiletto heels and Jack Daniels to slippers and herbal tea, introduced us to the sweet potato-red pepper latke, Shabbat & The City jumped onto the strip-dreidel bandwagon, Cabeza de R.E. reminded us what a macho manly man he is AND we got a surprise visit from Tamarika as she dished Isrealia for us. What a fun night!

The sixth night was super swell with Doc from Everyone Needs Therapy as she went above and beyond for not just one blogger (me) but two bloggers, as she also posted holiday songs for Citizen of The Month. That night, we also met Nani (she won me over completely with her Nutella sufganyiot idea) and Jewbiquitous (Naked. Frum. Dreidel.)... and we met Yaley (Yaleite? Yaleyon?) Grichu with her sassy square plates and Anthropologist For Corporate America, who I just know you gave generously to for her Team In Training fundraising efforts. And, who could forget Minor Fast Days and his musings on his beloved wife and fiesta latkes.

On night five, we met Jack Be Nimble and I decided on the spot that I would, for one day just to say I did it, marry him and be his tenth wife. Next, True Ancestor wished me Borat-style "great success" and we chated about olive oil used to occupy children in public. Then, we talked stylin' Bubbies with Just Another SWJF and the "penultimate" Israeli salad recipe with The Shalvster, and finished with Fake Jew from Not Chosen, Just Posin' as he considered the meme and whether or not be could bear to speak to Madonna for any length of time.

Four! More! Uh... bloggers! On the fourth night, we first chatted with the lovely and wonderful Tamara Eden about her Dad's latke recipe and quite literally, the mixing of dreidels. Then, we met "one dope boy and a rental car" from Jews Like Bagels and I promised him I wouldn't tell his Ma what he likes to top his latkes with. Then, we (okay, I) gave Eric from Earth Observation a big "right on" for his thoughts on Chanukah visibilty and snarked it up with Mad Words, as she explained to us how to play Samuel L. Jackson-style dreidel.

Three did prove to be a lucky number this week! We met the clever and quadralingual (Hebrew, English, Chinese and Spanish) Orieyenta as she taught us how to add an Asian flair to both latkes and dreidels. Then we met the rainbow suspender wearin', PhD gettin', second most Henrietta Szold authoritatin' Rational Leftist and the lovely author of Half Life (which you bought..?) and Daphne & Jim (and lots of other greatness you will continue to purchase), Laurel Snyder.

On night number two, TikkunGer had me at "Battlestar Galactica", as Suburban Kvetch made me spit Pelligrino with the lines, " I have a lot of resentment towards hamantaschen for this very reason" and "What does one cook in honor of a resurrection? An Easter ham?"... gold, I tell you, gold.

And, all of this kicked into high gear on the very first night with a post by Accidentally Jewish Leah (as she casually mentions playing dreidel with a Twister mat and olive oil), who, I must tell you, none of this would have come together without. Leah, thank you. This was awesome.

L'chaim! Chanukah 5767! Chag Sameach to all of these outstanding bloggers and to all of you. I think we should all do this again next year.

Happy Holidays, however you celebrate them, and whichever ones you celebrate.

Don't freeze your butts off... or get so drunk you just fall down.


diane said...

Excellent, excellent work all of you!! It was enjoyable to read, and I'm sure no easy task to pull off! :)

katie schwartz said...

amers, this year it's all about "bff".

bff must be reclaimed by dames like us!

thank you so much for thinking of me, etc. etc. such a honey you are. I posted it. loved doing it.


Jack's Shack said...

On night five, we met Jack Be Nimble and I decided on the spot that I would, for one day just to say I did it, marry him and be his tenth wife.

Once you go Jack, you never go back. Hokey, I know but...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and for including me in your tour. Such fun! I really enjoyed meeting all of the other bloggers. A great Chanukah treat.
Much love,

Leah said...

And on the ninth night of Hanukah? Where my gentiles at?

Er... thanks Amy! I love that you don't have layers of approval heirarchy before you get to do something like this!