Nov 24, 2006


Um, anyone want to go to my comments section and take a guess at how one might break a segmented connecting screw? Sure, I can use my hacksaw, but how can I stabilize it while I'm sawing? Any idea how to do that while stopping bleeding from a torn knuckle? No, okay, I'll just take the first bit of advice, then. Thaaaanks.


Leah said...

I'm pretty handy, but I don't actually even know what type of screw that is.

Call me if you need help and by help I mean, someone to sit on your couch, drink wine and shout suggestions at you.

Melanie said...

I'm not super handy...sorry I can't help with the...segmented connecting screw...
But...I wanted to say that I stumbled on to your blog the other day and I think it's fabulous!
Unfortunately...couldn't find you on the book shelves in Toronto...but I will keep searching.

Amy Guth said...

Thanks Melaine! Welcome!

TFW has only been widely available in teh US since October, and it is slowly making its way to canada.

Ahem, you could, say, request that your local indie bookstore order it for you. Just think, you could be responsible for bringing it to your area.

Just a thought. :)

Redeye Paul said...

Let me know if I can be of any help with your segmented correcting screw. I'm semi-handy, have lots of tools and my office is right across from the coffee shop. Paul