Oct 19, 2006


Check out this cool book: 1,001 Books To Read Before You Die . (Raises metaphorical glass) May my novel be included in a subsequent volume. (cheers)

And speaking of Three Fallen Women, I think it's funny how a reader is selling a signed copy on Amazon, but hey, a gold star for the hustle.

Anyway, Happy Thursday. The reading went fine last night. It went well, in fact, but the weather made the crowd slightly smaller than I would have preferred. But, small crowds equal a more intimate feel, which I enjoy. Aaaaactually, I don't want to jinx anything, but I think two people at the reading made a love/like/lust connection. Maybe not, but there was something going on there.

Another busy day today, with 78,945 things on the To Do List. More later.


Leah said...

1001 books to read before you die! That's a lot of reading, wow. Hope to see it in!

Amy Guth said...

I am eager to buy it-- I am curious if the books I've already read will even make a dent in the list!