Oct 28, 2006


I just returned from a Cowboy Junkies show, as they played tonight here in Chicago. So good. So very, very good, especially because I was sitting about fifteen feet away from the stage. And, they played their Joni Mitchell cover, their Bob Dylan cover and their U2 cover, which made me terribly happy. Oh, and they opened up with "So Lonesome I Could Cry". The bulk of the show was from their new Early 21st Century Blues CD, but for an encore, the popped back out and did "Sweet Jane" and I realized I've been listening to them for a really long-ass time.

(Their Trinity Session was released in November of 1988. I bought it shortly after.)

Finlayson & Maize opened for them and they were wonderful beyond. Do yourself a very big favor and pick up their Dark Hollow CD. "Where's my Baby Tonight?", "What Man Would?" and "I am a Pilgrim" are tracks absolutely, positively not to be missed.

And, suddenly far too many late nights have just caught up with me and I have to go to bed right this second. At least I get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Wait, i have that right, don't I? Spring forward, fall back... Sweet. Extra sleep.


Nicky said...

I always have like a 15 minute conversation with myself on the Saturday before the clock change. "Spring forward, fall back?" Because in my world, it isn't too uncommon to fall forward, as in, trip and fall on my face. Additionally, it is not unheard of to "spring back" as in, with fear or surprise. So once I figure it out, then I have the conversation of ok, now don't get freaked out when you wake up; it is going to be lighter but that is still ok. And then without fail, I STILL always have the "oh shit" moment, where I wake up, heart pounding, thinking I am late, and of course then I can't really "fall back" (ah ha ha) asleep again.

Dale said...

I loves me some Junkies too. The last time I saw them was a great free concert during the annual Greek 'Taste of the Danforth' festival a few years back and they rocked. Jenny Lewis just played at Trinity St. Paul's here a few weeks ago. Cool schtuff.

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