Oct 7, 2006


The Amazon.com controversy is just about settled. A fe more changes willl be made to the page, but, at long last, my name is listed correctly. So, if you hav not yet purchased a copy of Three Fallen Women, please feel free to do so now by clicking right here.

Or, if you've already read it, feel free to go over to Amazon and rate it, or even, if you have time to kill, write a review. And, as you do, don't let it throw you too much that it shows up on the review and rating pages as "by Joshua Kubisch". He is the fine gentleman who made all of those beautiful, inky, dark pieces of art within some of the pages. Don't worry. Just proceed and it'll be straightened out shortly.


Ben said...

I read it and I don't see why that Josh guy gets all the credit on amazon for, what, a handful of artwork? You wrote a beautiful novel, demand your name be put first.

debbie said...

Since when does amazon put illustrators on the page? I illustrated a book like this before, and I put even more art in than that and I wasn't listed at all. Either I got screwed or you did, sister.

jackie said...

Oh, everyone chill. Did you read her post? It's getting worked out. I'm sure that's what she means.

Vellum said...

If my book does eventually end up on Amazon, I hope you can help me avoid the glitches you've unfortunately experienced. Best wishes working everything out.

katie schwartz said...

amy, you're almost sold out!!! mazel tov, bubbie!!! only 2 left. WOW. WOW. WOW.