Oct 8, 2006


Good morning. Well, Sukkot is off to a dandy start. With the etrog liqueur I found at the kosher market, I made some tasty etrog-mojito ("etrogjitos"...?) for Shabbes, went to a "living room minyan" sort of service yesterday morning, did a little sukkah dwelling... good stuff.

(As a side note, a friend forwarded this to me. Cool, huh? Anyone know anyone connected to this? I'd love to interview some peeps involved with it.)

Writing/work/business seems on the upswing these days, knock on my wooden head. My next manuscript is getting it's skeleton pieced together, Top Secret writing/editing project X is going fine and on schedule, I feel, Project Neptune good, I've gotten my newish other blog in order and the first post up (Granola Bar D'var if you're into the Jewy goodness), and the five articles I have in the hatch are zipping along and coming together. I feel good about it all and hope the good continues.

Ah, and I have a couple of projects for you, my pretties! If you were kind enough to give me a few hours of your time and have read my book, then, by all means, don't let me stop you from talking about it. Here are some super projects that I'm sure you're just jumping up and down to do (Ummm.....):

1. You can head to LibraryThing and make sure Three Fallen Women is on your virtual bookshelf. You can even rate it! Hell, you can even write a little review! Fancy!

2. Then, you are of course, free to go over to Amazon.com and rate it, and maybe even write a little review if you have a minute. (Are these great projects, or what?!?!)

3. Head over to AllConsuming and you can even proclaim to the cyber-world that you have "consumed" Three Fallen Women and, as if these projects aren't enough to keep you merrily busy for seconds on end:

4. Get yourself over to MySpace, if you are into that sort of thing, and add Three Fallen Women as your friend. (And, while you're there, add me, too. Why not? I don't bite. Much.

And there you have it. Four easy-peasy things you can do for fun and entertainment that will make little old ladies pinch your cheek, dudes/chicks flock to you, your rabbi/pastor/minister/tribal elder/priest/swami/imam/guru/high priestess/gypsy fortuneteller/gothi/mufti declare you a righteous soul and it will probably get your landlord to give you a month of free rent. Okay, probably none of those things. But, I would be glad you did it. And, isn't that reason enough?

Now, this week, I have to drop my computer off for a bit at the Mac store as the Heatsink kit has arrived and I need to get it installed. Oh, dropping my laptop off is painful.


Vellum said...

My new best friend,

I regret that I can't come to your reading tonight at the Green Mill. I wanted to, because I figured you could work the opening sentence of my novel into your reading somehow. Anyway, I have a date. With a medieval history grad student. Oh, love is in the air!

But, I might take the train up to Milwaukee to make it to your next reading. Unless you want to give me a ride. Oh, your publisher probably has a car and driver for you, but if you have room, maybe I'll come along. I have to think about it. Anyway, if I make it to Milwaukee for that, maybe you can read my openeing sentence at that point.

Probably for the best, as now I can build some suspense about my work and use your readers when you are finished with them.

I hope you aren't mad at me. I figured you start blogging about me once we met. You're probably just busy! See you soon!


Leah said...

Uh. You really are a magnet for loonies, Amy. I guess I include myself in that... but... wow.

Anywho! I can't wait for the reading and for a chance to have a sukkotini.

vellum said...

Dearest Amy,
I must add that I do not enjoy being referred to as a "crackhead" and a "loonie" on this blog. I can assure your readers that one does not get into grad school at the University of Chicago if one doesn't have all of her mental faculties.
That said, truly the loonies are the ones that request your underwear or give you a hard time, like it sounds as if that horrid man did last night.
I only see you as a true soul sister, and wish you the very best. I want you to accompany me on this writing journey, because your own path has been so smooth, and I see so many similarities in our work. I know you can really help me become a well known writer, and we can be side by side in the history books, like the Bronte sisters or Percy & Mary Shelley.

jewish said...

what was this living room minyan

Amy Guth said...

Hi Jewish. Welcome!

Uh, the "living room minyan" I mentioned was a small break-out group in that particular shul that is more of a member-led, casual, everyone stuff themselves into this tiny room and let's do our thing kind of deal.