Sep 11, 2006


So, I don't have blinds. Or shades. I like to sew and I think I do a decent job sewing so I have fashioned curtains on all of my many windows in my kitchen, living room, office, bedroom and bathroom. Anyway, I got up this morning and opened the curtains, just like always, and put coffee on, fed my cat and sat down to start writing, just like always, and then felt eyes on the back on my head!

There was an old man, standing scross the street, just staring up at my apartment. You'd think that after being spotted, he'd turn away, but no. He kept staring. Then, I thought maybe he wasn't looking at my apartment at all, so I waved. He waved back, and held a creepy smile. Oooookay. So, I shut the living room and office curtains. Creepy.

A while later, I went into my bedroom to pick out my clothes for the day and he was still there. He. Was. Still. There! We're talking about a half-hour of standing across the street, looking up. So, I shut the bedroom curtains. And, the bathroom curtains just to be safe, even if the window does face the back of the apartment building.

Long story short, I was looking to update my window dressings, and this was just the nudge I needed. Quickly, I got sucked into Guaranteed Blinds website. Sure, you can spy in with shades, too, but I think they make for a bit more privacy. Yes? No? Maybe so? Are these too waspy-Hamptons-yachting-trip for my urban sensibilities? Do these say spa-chic or college-hippie?

Then again, I could just make a game out of annoying my peeping Tom right back. Anyone have any interest in coming over and dressing like a lumberjack with me as we guzzle beer and pick our noses as we gaze down upon a busy street where probably everyone you know will drive or walk past at some point today? Then again, that would probably only encourage an audience.

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Finch said...

Dressing like a lumberjack and people watching with beer? That's pretty much any day for me. When I'm not chopping down trees, I mean.