Sep 10, 2006


Ohhh, snap! Check All The Way From Oy To Vey to peek in on the fun chat Katie Schwartz and I had. How funny is this lady? Very! Anyone who enjoys the fearless vocabulary she has is a friend of mine. So, stop by, tell her how fantastic and hilariosu she is, then bookmark her and stop back by often, because with her, it's something delightful and smart just about everyday.

(Is anyone else having trouble logging onto blogger today? I would have put this post up hours ago, but was having some trouble. C'est la vie. Better late than never. Now we really have to go over to All The Way From Oy To Vey and show some serious love.)


yournamehere said...

I actually found this blog by reading Katie. I do everything backwards.

I'll definitely be back.

Leah said...

Blogger is being totally wonky. What a fantastic interview! Wow!