Aug 6, 2006


How nice of One Pot Meal to link to my blog, my book and So New Media this morning. Thank you! Now, everyone go pay One Pot Meal a visit and read some and comment and tell your friends to do the same. It's good stuff over there. Go on, go on, go say hello. And wear a clean shirt and comb your hair before you do, so you look presentable. Good. Thanks.

I have to admit, this cool pen is still my hero. I haven't had a single uncomfortable moment of writing since I got this pen. Carpal tunnel? Pssh. The real test, of course, will be the slew of book signings that are staring me in the face in over the next couple of months. If I can make it through a few months signing books and still not have any problems with my thumb cramping up while holding the pen, then this pen is my pen for life.

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