Aug 8, 2006


Hey! Sales are good, which I'm happy about.

This weekend, I went to this sort of inpromptu gathering of women for some art therapy of sorts. A group of six of us from The $1,000 Blog Experiment got together at the happy, colorful home of my new friend, Ashqi. We nibbled and chatted and cut images out of stock photo books and magazines and pasted and taped them to journals and cardboard, in an effort to focus things in our lives and to have support on things on our minds and in our lives. Well, the project turned out far better than could have been imagined. We had a wonderful time and collaged and talked about our lives and bonded. I'm positive that it was the best time I've ever had with a room full of women in my life.

(You know how it can go sometimes. You get a bunch of women together and the Old Boys Club rules come out and all of this competition and snarkiness starts up. I'm not wired to play by fratboy rules so that sort of thing doesn't jive with me at all. So, that made this fun, peaceful, colorful, silly gathering even more fun.)

When it was over, we went for coffee for a bit, then found myself very stuck. Another car issue! Despite the fact that my car is just over a year old, my break sensor switch has been a deadbeat for a while (a popular complaint with this vehicle). I've gotten it fixed a few times, but again and again my car would get stuck in park. Which was the case. And, a tow truck on a weekend? Pssh. Fat chance. So, Ashqi drove me home.

So, yesterday, Monday, I head back over to her place and wait for a tow, which finally arrived, got my car to the shop, and it should be ready in a few hours. I'll be glad to have the car issues behind me (um, and my wallet).

But, after I dropped the car at the mechanic, my phone rang and it was none other than publishing rockstar, my publisher, James. And, he was at the airport on a layover. So, I hopped a train and had the pleasure of hanging out with him for an hour or so before his flight boarded. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I heard a lot of horror stories about publishers/editors and writers butting heads so I went in with my guard up a bit, but every part of getting this novel in shape has been wonderful. I really lucked into a good working mojo with him, I feel.

So, back in the city, I grabbed dinner with two friends I was way overdue in hanging out with last night. It was nice to catch up with them. One is from the area near Camp Trans so she gave me the insider route, which is always great to have. Yes, I read at Camp Trans tomorrow and I am beyond excited. I keep dreaming about reading there and wearing a yellow shirt. Should I wear the yellow shirt or avoid wearing the yellow shirt?

Speaking of routes and travel. I need a prop. I want to have a prop with me for all of my upcoming travels that I photograph in various places. You know, how some people do with gnome dolls and such. What on earth should I take along? Let's have a vote. Okay. As my travel companion for this book tour, should I bring...?

(a) a little Feng Shui kitty statue
(b) a copy of On The Road
(c) Albert Einstein action figure
(d) the first pet rock I come across
(e) other (please specify)

You tell me. I'll post all pics here on my blog as I go, so you folks tell me what you want to see. And, voting on this life-or-death issue (heh) would also be a fine time to introduce yourselves. I see my statcounter number going, so would it kill you to say hello? I think not.

I swear I smell pot.


Leah in Chicago said...

Albert Action Figure fo shure!

Diane said...

New to the blog--and piping up! Sunday was truly amazing, and has stuck with me all week. Luckily I've always had good girl connections so playing nice girl games together is not so new to me. :)
I vote for Kitty Feng Shui, just because I am so absurdly attached to my beckoning kitty. Second choice would be that you buy (Annie Oakley action figure) and take her along.
As for dreams, let me know what you decide. I had a dream that I was producing a play that involved graphic violence, vommit, and various other bodily functions & substances. I just can't tell if I'm supposed to write this play or not...;)

Ashqi said...

Amy Maaamie -- You are soooo cute! I'm dying. You don't need any props besides the magenta hair. But, if you would feel more self assured, then I would have to vote for the Feng Shui Kitty ("FSK"). I'm defining it for future reference -- just like we do in legal documents. Rrrrrr kitty! Have a great trip. And, wear whatever you feel good in. Something with a pink hue sounds good to me. :-)

Ashqi said...

You are sooo cute Amy Maaamie! I don't think you need any other props besides your magenta hair. However, if you would feel more self assured, then I vote for Feng Shui Kitty ("FSK"). I'm defining him here as FSK for future reference, just like we do in legal documents. :-) By the way, I'd wear something pink if I were you. Have an absolute blast on your trip! XO

Nicky said...

Our mutual friend, who happens to be the guy I live with, actually bought you something that we have been meaning to send to you because we knew that you would have a good use for something as offensive as this - a BRATZ doll that says "I love to shop." My favorite thing about the BRATZ dolls is how, instead of having shoes that come on and off, they simply have different sets of feet that are detachable. Way to go, piece by piece objectification of the female body.

Anyway, I would love to see photos of that fine little lady in compromising postitions in all the cities you visit. I know it won't make Camp Trans so I will send it anyway and if you decide on something else, she'll make a good punching doll, anyway.

Eric Spitznagel said...

Hmm. I’d wear the yellow shirt just to be safe. But you never know. It might not have been a shirt at all. Maybe in your dream, you just had jaundice.

As for road props, all of the choices are good, but I’d recommend traveling with a blender. Nothing clears up a case of reading dry-mouth like a cool, refreshing soy smoothie. Have the audience participate by bringing their own berries. As somebody who has eaten his fair share of mystery fruit from strangers, I can tell you that 98% of the time, it’s totally worth the risk. And best of all, it keeps you on your toes.