Aug 8, 2006


Mechanics get a bad rap, especially with women. I try to educate myself about vehicular/mechanical issues as best I can so I can avoid being anybody's bitch. Luckily, I was a tomboy growing up and hung around my dad a lot, always watching him do his thing, which was just a matter of being a smart businessperson and an informed consumer.

Anyway, after this whole break-switch sensor issue, I picked my car up today and was fucking thrilled to bits to find the mechanic taking the time to talk the through everything he did, giving me tips on what to do if this issue starts up ever again, showing me the sensor he replaced and explaining the defect. And, after doing a little research to make sure I wasn't getting ripped off, I realize he gave me a good-ass deal, too. I like to think it's because I went in with a good idea of the situation and asked a lot of questions up front, but it may very well be that Juan and Safed are just two guys who run an honest business and know what the hell they're talking about. I'm all in favor of that. You can bet I'll return for future automotive issues. (Not that I will have any for a long time.)

I am damn glad to have my car back. And, this morning, I got a long-overdue once-over and was declared in "excellent health" by my physician. I think it's all the green tea. Oh, and licking public doorknobs every chance I get. Bleh.

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