Aug 26, 2006


It's on. Quite by accident, but it is on. Manuscript two is more than a pile of scribbles and run-on sentences. It's actually developing into a freaky little story. It's very, very different from Three Fallen Women, though an unbiased third party would probably say the same voice is there or the same sort of themes spring up. I don't know. I just show up and write as I feel it bubbling up. I was again awakened last night by this bubbling up, in fact. I woke up and knew the sentence to start with today. A weird enough sentence, but a nicely loaded one, in any case.

I'm always hesitant about making declarative statements, but it seems okay at this point to be held accountable for this one, as I'm pretty settled into the narrative. And, my writing routines don't waver or fail me one bit. Particular songs in repetitition being the main one, though the habit of showering and getting ready for the day then putting on fresh sleepwear seems to have resurfaced, as well.

It cracks me up that songs I settle on to put in my repetitious writing loop. The three songs I listened to while writing Three Fallen Women were, first, weeks upon weeks of "Last Good Day of the Year" by Cousteau, followed by a month or so of "Alice" by Cocteau Twins and, then, alternately, silence and "Chan Chan" off the Buena Vista Social Club Soundtrack. It was weird. I didn't set out to write to those songs, they were jus the only ones I could write to. It was almost as lame as I had to write to them, if that makes any sense at all. (I'm not even entirely sure that it does to me, it's just what works.)

Whatever shape this new project ends up taking, I am already seeing it has a bit more upbeat soundtrack.

Anyone else think Peter Gabriel is looking a little granola-meets-biker these days?


ian george said...

Is your husband Tim Guth? We went to college together and I know his wife's name is Amy...?

Amy Guth said...

Nope. I'm not/have never been married.

pee on jeff said...

Naw, her husband is Andrew something. I've met him.

Amy Guth said...

Pee, see previous comment. I promise. I've never been married.

Diane said...

Go Amy Go! (on your writing)

He looks like the lovechild of Sir Anthony Hopkins and Terry O'Quinn, with a bit of evil Santa sprinkled in. (on Peter)

V. said...

What about the Christian Baby Jesus? Didn't you take a vow to be a bride of the baby Jesus?

V. said...

Additionally, I think that Dennis Hopper could be playing Peter Gabriel in "Exodus: Life after Genesis, the Peter Gabriel Story" or maybe Peter Gabriel is going to be playing Dennis Hopper in "Still One Weird Son of a...: The Dennis Hopper Story"

Nicky said...

Uh, Mrs. Guth, hell-o, surely you are married.

I like how both comments (I'm sure in an unintentional way but one that still reveals gender biases present these days) assumed marriage of some kind. Dudes, don't take offense, I know you didn't mean it on purpose (probably) ... but the phrasing of both comments was made in such a way that would probably not have appeared if directed to a guy. It would have been "Are you married? If so, is your wife Blankety-Floo?" Or, "Actually, perhaps he is married to this woman I know who also shares the same last name, who I have met." I know I sound nitpicky, but think about it!

As for Peter Gabriel, I'm thinking he's going for the oh-so-hot aging Billy Joel look. Soon he'll be picking up underage women and crashing multiple cars in the Hamptons.