Aug 25, 2006


More good news! I am kicking off a virtual book tour shortly, to coincide with my physical book tour. (That sounds gross, physical book tour, but you know what I mean.) The Guth-a-Go-Go! elves (like regular elves, only hipper) are lining up bloggers as we speak to interview, chat about the book, and share it with their readers on specific dates. Pretty cool, huh? I think so. And hey, the more the merrier. If you think you might want to get in on the fun, feel free to fling an email to those Guth-a-Go-Go elves and see what happens. Hurry, too, before some other mofo claims your spot on the list.

Hmm.. in other similar news, the "What I Did With Her Book" photo contest is going revoltingly well. A few standouts already, too! To "Dennis", I'm impressed at the yoga you must be practicing. To "juniper", I hope you didn't get a papercut doing that. And, to "Rudy", I really, really hope you have health insurance. Oh man. If I end up coming through Little Rock, I will be sure to sign the cast or casts I can only assume you acquired as a direct result of doing that stunt.

I busted out the catnip this morning and my cat is stoned out of his gourd.


diane said...

How Soon is Now indeed--when am I going to get my book?? Wahhh! I have a little...oops, can't give it away. I have a little idea for your promotion. :-)
Congrats on the virtual book tour. Neat!

Louisa said...

Ok so the catnip thing is bloody fantastic. I'm laughing my ass off.
Stoned cat. Very funny. :)