Aug 27, 2006


I don't know if anyone else heard about this guy, but it's a pretty good laugh, for sure.

CHICAGO - Cook County prosecutors say a 29-year-old man traveling with his mother desperately didn't want her to know he'd packed a sexual aid for their trip to Turkey. So he told security it was a bomb, officials said. Madin Azad Amin was stopped by officials on Aug. 16 after guards found an object in his baggage that resembled a grenade, prosecutors said. When officers asked him to identify it, Amin said it was a bomb, said Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Lorraine Scaduto. He later told officials he'd lied about the item because his mother was nearby and he didn't want her to hear that it was part of a penis pump, Scaduto said. He's been charged with felony disorderly conduct, said Andrew Conklin, a spokesman with the Cook County state's attorney's office. Amin faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

Too bad you can't convict someone of dumbassitude.

Anyway. Those of you regular readers will remember dear "Captain Fusha", my friend of many years. Well, he is apparently in town again, but I'm having trouble tracking him down. If anyone sees a bright pink superhero shouting about being "faaaaaaaaaaabulous", point him towards my apartment, will you?

Otherwise, I'm hanging out, cleaning, paying bills and relaxing today. I love and adore Sublime Stitching, a cool company that makes little punk rawk embroidery kits. Anyway, I am alternately cleaning and sewing a couple of things from this pattern today. Good times, indeed.


diane said...

Amy--even though we missed you at Metropolis, I am glad you were relaxing and sewing and generally enjoying yourself today. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Sublime Stitching kits! I gave one to a friend who did not appreciate it though, so now I keep them all for myself.