Jul 25, 2006


Here's the thing with writing. It isn't necessarily enjoyable. It's something that has to come to the surface, though. It isn't un-enjoyable, per se, it just is more about something that has to come out than it is about having fun. That's my experience, anyway, and that of a few other writers I know. The fun part is what is going on now-- readings are getting squared away, excitement for the book tour, etc. (By the way, a couple of coffee shop readings are confirmed in Chicago for mid-August. Check out my website's events section to see the confirmed readings.)

So, two nights ago, an idea for my next novel woke me out of a dead sleep. I jotted some vague things down-- themes, really-- and went back to sleep. That's so typically me, too. I think I'm just wired to be working, so I have to make an effort to remind myself to chill the hell out and take downtime. I'm much better about I than I used to be, but I have also long since accepted that it's just part of who I am.

That said-- the book is printing and will be packed up and shipped to me soon. That is terribly exciting! The cover is beautiful and edgy and I am extrmely proud to have it on my book.

...And, speaking of things looking nice, I am redecorating a little and listed a few things on Craig's List, one of the most useful sites ever. My two little pieces of artwork went right away and the new owner and I agreed to meet halfway last night. I waited at the subway/bus station until she arrived with her brother-- both terribly nice people-- then took off, pointed towards home in a neighborhood I only marginally know and quickly get lost, witness a sidewalk domestic squabble, a luxury sedan with two white collar men stupidly handing money out the window to a kid, and a fine selection of hookers, one also having a squabble of some sort. But still, I'll take this anyday over too much quiet. I'm no suburbanite, that's for sure.


Vile Blasphemer said...

I see that you worked on a piece called "Anton Chekhov's Bastard Child"- have you perhaps seen Improv Everywhere's Anton Chekhov Meet a Famous Author prank? Other than that, will you be touring to Wisconsin?

Amy Guth said...

I have heard a little about ACMAFA, but, honestly, ACBC was from 2002-3, so it's been off my radar a while. Yes, I willl be touring to Wisconsin! Madison and Milwaukee, both.

Vile Blasphemer said...

It's absolutely grand-


Ahh... Madison is so lovely... I suggest dinner at Griglia Tuscany in the Middleton suburb or, if you're into Indian food, the Maharaja restaurant in west Madison has fantastic meals and service. Of course, there's always Himal Chuli downtown if you're interested in Nepali.