Jul 23, 2006


Fine friends, today this urbanite ventures out to the suburbs. I'm on my way to a bridal shower. A bridal shower given for a lady who is the anti-bride. No drama, no bridezilla stuff, just a nice earthy lady (as you might expect from my friends).

The thing is, though, that when going to a bridal shower, it is actually easier to find a gift for a bridezilla. I finally decided to give her a nice set of wooden chopsticks with painted ceramic rests. That's not girly and I think will work just fine.

Now, let's hope she doesn't catch sight of my blog before she heads out to the festivities.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes. The mental challenge of agreeing to, preparing for, traveling to and enduring through the BRIDAL SHOWER. If it had been for anyone other than this particular dear bride...I would never have had the opportunity to meet such a bright star at my right elbow.

Amy Guth said...

Hello and thanks for stopping by. You were so much fun to hang out with at the shower. Do keep in touch and good luck with you upcoming hectic times.