Jul 26, 2006


Plenty to report, folks. The night before the Omaha Lit Fest, Jami Attenberg and I are double-billed at Reading Grounds. Her book, Instant Love, is next on my reading list and now I look forward to reading it even more so than before.

Also, there is now a mailing list for my website so you can get occasional emails with info about readings, events and such delivered right to your inbox (Chill out. I'm not going to stuff your inbox with a bunch of crap. I hate that just as much as you do.). For the time being, email to get yourself on the list. (A contact form on the website is forthcoming. It's, um, a little busy around here these days. You understand.)

Ugh, now, ready to get creeped out? Me neither. Anyway, I found this bug in my apartment last night. My cat wouldn't even get him. Bleh. Heights? Pssh, whatever. A few germs? Eh, not my favorite, but not the end of the world. Storms? Awesome! Public speaking? Sure. But, needles and crawly things? No way. Blech. Needles are stabby and bugs- well- anything that can sneak up to you unnoticed is not okay in my book. Blech.

Enetophobically and insectophobically yours,

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