Apr 9, 2006


Want to hear some really wonderfully weird shit? I was just reading about adipocere and, while absolutely fucking revolting, I can't stop reading about it. Get a load of this:

"Adipocere (grave wax) forms in fatty regions of the decomposing body including the cheeks. Grave wax is a crumbly white, waxy substance that accumulates on those parts of the body that contain fat - the cheeks, breasts, abdomen and buttocks. It is the product of a chemical reaction in which fats react with water and hydrogen in the presence of bacterial enzymes, breaking down into fatty acids and soaps. Adipocere is resistant to bacteria and can protect a corpse, slowing further decomposition. Adipocere starts to form within a month after death and has been recorded on bodies that have been exhumed after 100 years. If a body is readily accessible to insects, adipocere is unlikely to form."

Blammo! I found this crazy website in my searching, Death Online containing all sorts of tidbits like "corpse fauna" and man, oh, man, I am hooked. It is especially excellent as I have my coffee and pumpernickel bagel. Don't you just love how needles make me sob like a toddler and somehow corpses are perfectly reasonable as breakfast research topics? Aren't I a little Pooh bear? Aren't I darling?

Oh, but on a far more pleasant note, I am also putting together my haggadah for the Pesach seder this year. B'nai Yisroel! Run, do not walk, to this site Open Source Haggadah and you can build your own and print it out, picking and plucking from the material of different affiliations. Not surprising in the least, I loved the feminist and revolutionary gems the most, as I found a some of it to be very introspective and insightful about metaphors of personal slavery to things or people or vices, and some of it to be very deliciously sharp-tongued criticism of war and political oppression.

"We didn't land on the matzah ball! The matzah ball landed on us!"

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