Aug 15, 2010


I'm moving. And in ruthless mode today, here in the final throes of it. I have the following stuff in Ravenswood/South Lincoln Square that can't come with me to my new house. Come get it.

IKEA espresso desk: Was asking $90, now asking $60 or best offer. See pic here.

Executive office chair: Black vinyl leather-look executive chair. Was asking $35, now asking $25 or best offer. See pic on my ZooZag listing.

IKEA "IVAR" modular shelving unit: It's tall and skinny. IVAR looks like this. Each side piece retails for $15-$20, and shelves are extra. I'll give you the whole thing, with support brackets on the back already in place (so no assembly required, is what I'm saying) for $30.

Mish-Mash of plastic terra cotta-look pots: various sizes and with saucers + thin green bamboo plant stakes (about waist-high): $20

Giant bag of fabric and sewing trims, various colors and such: $20

Magnavox combination DVD/VCR: About three years old. works fine, but not with super-new flat-screens like mine, $20

Then, this stuff is FREE AS THE WIND if you come by and get it:
(Note: this list is going to be updated throughout the afternoon, so check back)

-piles of books
-a ton of women's clothes + some evening wear, sizes 4-8
-Amazing Race DVD game
-blue faux-silk IKEA curtains, 2 panels
-silver shiny curtains, 2 panels
-A box of Garnier Nutrisse haircolor in 'dark chocolate'
-Glass bathroom canister with stainless lid (think tiny apothecary jar)
-black leather ottoman that my cat has clawed to death but that would be great reupholstered
-Antique (plated) silver(ish) serving dish and lid with removable, dishwasher safe glass insert
-White cube file cart with two drawers (hanging file part needs to be worked on, but it's fixable)
-Dryer sheets, open but mostly full (I didn't care for the scent)
-drawer liner tiles (white, about 8 or so of them)
-black and white winter stretchy one-size-fits-all gloves
-mishmash of candles
-a pile of women's shoes, sizes 8 1/2-9
-the ugliest and lumpiest throw pillow on earth
-sage-colored flat sheet for full-size bed
- red vinyl stick-on letters
-acrylic paint, tons of colors, used but still useable
-Clinique lime green and indigo small make-up bag

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