Aug 6, 2010


Everything you could possibly want to know about ChicagoNow Radio on WGN 720 with hosts yours truly and Alex Quigley:

The ChicagoNow Radio line-up for Saturday, August 7 is posted. You can also give us the ol' thumbs-up on Facebook, and get notifications about show guests that way, too. And follow us on Twitter: @ChicagoNowRadio, @AlexQuigley and @AmyGuth. We tweet during the show. We like it when you tweet back. We also like it when you call us at 312-591-7200 during the show to chat.

You can listed on the radio at WGN-AM 720 in Chicagoland or listen online from anyplace on Earth with internet access.

You can download show segment podcasts for free instead of crying about missing them like a baby.

Quigley and I have had our mamas on the show, we often make bets that require the non-winner to perform tasks such as posting an embarrassing childhood photograph online and making a video proclaiming total awesomeness. Sometimes our guests get us to do things, too, like the Frugalista Challenge I'm doing right now during the month of August. Or like the time I went to ZombieCon.

Quigley has a sweet convertible set of wheels. One time, he slept at WGN.

Get it? Got it. Good. Until tomorrow, then.

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