Jul 13, 2010


Word up, party people.

New hair. Stripes. I like. Very summery. And something different, which I always like.

Check this thing out: IWriteLike. I have to call a bit of shenanigans, though, because in a recent story I wrote about a dude trippin' out on heavy sedatives, it pointed to Stephen King. In the weirdest short fiction I've written at all lately, if not ever, full of Robbins-esque made-up language, it called my style like freakin' Dan Brown.

Hi, not quite.

I'm speaking at the independent Writers of Chicago monthly event tonight at 6. Article, tk they tell me.

Laatly, I am selling this crap on Craigslist. Shout if you want it.

Elsewhere on the Interwebs today:

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