May 31, 2010


We all have our various go-to social networks. And, sometimes, we don't realize that a person who sent a friend request on Facebook is @SoandSo on Twitter and so on and so forth. So, here are the social networks I use most. Let's all link up, shall we?

I use @amyguth and I operate the @ChiTribBooks and @PrintersRowFest twitter accounts, and co-operate the @ChicagoNowRadio twitter account with my Saturday morning radio co-host, Alex Quigley. I mean, @AlexQuigley.

On Facebook, there is my personal Facebook profile as well as the Chicago Tribune Books profile and the Printers Row Lit Fest profile which I am also behind, along with the ChicagoNow Radio page, which I co-admin.

Bookmarking: StumbledUpon/Delicious/Digg
Find me as stumbler AmyGuth on StumbledUpon and as Delicious user AmyGuth. I use Digg as AmyGuth, too.

My TheAmyGuth Google Profile, which is where you can find me on GoogleBuzz and which links to:

Photos & Videos: Vimeo, YouTube
I'm user AmyGuth on Flickr. Find me on Vimeo as user Guth, on YouTube as user TheAmyGuth for videos.

I gave up on Brightkite, but still have the profile. I use FourSquare and GoWalla, both as user AmyGuth.

I use LibraryThing, GoodReads and Shelfari, though Shelfari is woefully out of date.

See yas.

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